Apollo 18 was the next planned mission by NASA in the Apollo program and unfortunately due to budget cuts it never became a reality.

Apollo 17 was the final mission of Nasa’s Apollo Program and it remains the most recent time humans have travelled beyond low earth orbit. Most apollo missions lasted around 2-3 days but took months even years in the planning Just like a Stag or Hen party. Our mission is to follow in the footsteps of the way Apollo programs run and deliver a few days that the ‘crew’ would never forget and priceless memory’s. Let us be Mission Control While you sit back and enjoy the ride!

The end result 2-3 days that the crew would never forget and priceless memory’s.

The Sky Is Not The Limit


Prepare for Blast Off


We are a Cardiff based company for stag, hen do’s, team building events or sports tours.

Our main objective is to simplify the organisation for the organiser. Organising events is stressful and time consuming.

We want to lift that pressure and allow people to enjoy these events knowing it will all go like clockwork. We will create custom packages allowing you to detail what you want and a budget. We will then look at the best options for you and give you prices to suit what you have asked for. We have a lot of options available to us and we are working with a lot of local Cardiff businesses.

We want you to enjoy these events knowing it will all go like clockwork. We want you to have the best possible time you can when you are here. We can also cater for trips to other city’s or country’s we can offer impartial advice based on circumstances and budgets. There is no trip big or small that we can’t handle! drop us a message for a no obligation quote.